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Howdy. [ Wednesday, August 15th 03:55pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

I'm odd and I like people just as strange as I am to talk to. Check me out before you IM. Poke around a bit.

suicide groupie

[ Thursday, June 14th 06:30pm]
hai u gaieghs.

I'm cool, fun, outgoing, funny as cool stuff.

So add my AIM and lets have fun/.
I am bored all the time D; and i want you to be mai frand.

OhSnapDickTrap is my aim!

[ Wednesday, July 12th 01:26pm]

so i'm new and have a problem. i'm writing on my new computer and its the bomb..

but i cant download aol instant messenger.. it says its not a valid win32 application?

and i've tried every possible other versions of aim download and it still doesnt work, not even the aim express... and no, u dont have to have an account to have aim.

anyway... does anyone know what that means?


cure my boredom. [ Tuesday, June 6th 01:14am]
once again, insomnia hits.

bri. 15 (16 in a day!)/f/PA. im a nice girl.. i promise i wont bite :] talk to me about anyyything. seriously; ANYTHING. just cure me of my boredom.


& if you want pics.. its easiest if you've got myspace.

insomnia blows. [ Friday, May 26th 02:59am]
i'm bri. i'm 15; 16 on june 7th. i live in PA. i'm a girl. i have a myspace (but who doesnt?). i could never tell you everything about me in such a short space.

i also have a pictureCollapse )

AIM: vi0lenceinmymind
ps- no cybering or anything of the sort please&thanks :]
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hi there [ Tuesday, March 28th 07:08pm]

It's Tuesday night, I'm home on my own, bored and lonely and there's no-one on my friends list to talk to...

Go ahead and add me?
hilaryssexslave is where you cand find me

And, since I know you're wondering who this strange shaykitten person is.

well...Collapse )

[ Saturday, February 11th 05:07am]


Give away or trade unwanted/unused AIM screen names!

Hi there [ Monday, February 6th 10:04pm]

Cassie is a 24 year young shy, bisexual, kinky writer who was born on July 24th, 1981 who loves, amongst other things, alternative clothing, angels, aromatherapy, astrology, bon jovi, bondage, candles, cats, concerts, cuddling, cute girls, cute guys, erotica, eyeliner, F1, faeries, fanlistings, good charlotte, hair metal, happiness, harry potter, hello kitty, her friends, hilary duff, kisses, las vegas, leather, liprings, lust, massages, mest, metal, movies, music, nipples, penpals, phantom of the opera, piercings, poetry, pop, pop/punk, pop/rock, reading, rock, romance, rps, s&m, sex, sex toys, shopping, simple plan, slash fanfiction, swimming, tattoos, the internet, travelling, vampires, web design, west bromwich albion fc and writing letters

Her screename is falconkenobi and she's lonely :(

insomnia [ Wednesday, December 28th 12:29am]

Hey, my name is Brieanna. I'm 15, female, and I live in Pennsylvania. Anyways, I'm bored and can't sleep, so.. you should IM me. My screen name is so the youth 99.

By the way, I have pictures. If you wanna see, just ask.

yay for sleep deprivation! [ Sunday, December 25th 01:47am]

So hey, I'm Bri. I'm 15, I'm a female, and I live in Pennsylvania. I'm bored and can't sleep, so I figured I'd try here. Anyways, anyone can IM me ^_^ But if you ask for cybersex, etc... you're not getting it and I'll probably block you. Other than that, I'm nice. I promise =) My screen name is so the youth 99 so hit me up.
By the way, here's a couple picturesCollapse )
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ImStar! Compatible with Aim [ Sunday, October 30th 02:03pm]

My aim is bubblegumloca
My imstar is Loca

late-night boredom [ Tuesday, August 23rd 12:57am]

i'm bri. i'm 15 & i live in PA. & yes, i do have pictures if you REALLY want them.
i'm bored as hell & i can't seem to go to sleep, so i'm wasting time on AIM.
someone should IM me-- in my grave77 or societys disease.
i'll talk to anyone so hit me up

talk to me? [ Friday, July 29th 11:50pm]

i'm bri [yeah, it's short for brieanna];; 15 years old, from southeast PA. i love punk, oi, ska, reggae, some metal, some hardcore (blood for blood), thrash, grindcore, etc [[bands are in my info]].

no lame-ass cyber sex, please & thanks.
ill talk to anyone, im bored as hell.

my screen name is in my grave 77. hit it up. kthanks.

[ Thursday, July 21st 04:17am]


Heather Marie
Anderson, South Carolina
Anderson College
Psychology major || Sociology minor
So liberal it hurts

I love new people.
I love drugs, sex, and rock & roll.
IM me if you feel the same.

AIM screen name: Hey Miss America

P I C T U R E SCollapse )

want to be friends? [ Friday, June 24th 07:44pm]

taking back sunday, bright eyes, death cab for cutie, nirvana, ... fan
loves art & music & makeup & friends

IM: kurtxwasxshot

[ Tuesday, June 14th 02:55am]

Hey, I'm new here.

My name is Manda and I'm 16.
I live in Louisville, Ky.

I adore music. Mostly any sub-genre of rock. I also enjoy, techno, emo, indie, metal..anything along those lines.
I don't watch many movies, so if you're a huge movie buff we probably won't have much to talk about. I don't watch much TV either.
I used to dance.
Grammar is a huge pet peeve of mine. I can not stand poor grammar. x.x

And I suck at explaining myself, aha.

A picture is worth a thousand words, correct?Collapse )

my screen name is KissZeeGirl (from the Little Mermaid, of course!) if anyone is interested :D

(insert generic "Hi! I'm new!" message here) [ Monday, June 13th 07:52am]

[ mood | tired ]

Name: Cliff/Chuck/Charlie/Charles-Any of these will do
Age: 20
Sex: Male

Interests: Role-Playing, collecting dice, occasionally playing Magic: the Gathering, instant messaging, music, movies

What I want from this community: Just people to chat with, and perhas even do a instant messenger based RPG with, if I were to be so lucky.

AIM name: LVPlayerCliff

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new member [ Wednesday, May 18th 08:22am]

some picsCollapse )
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♥ Add me :) [ Wednesday, April 20th 04:17pm]

[ mood | in love with adam :) ]

Here's the basics::

[[nAmE]] -- Krysten Ashlea Scottsdale*

[[bDaY]] -- December 19, 1985

[[AgE]]--->* ::19 years oldddd :-)

I have a boyfriend. Adam James Garretts. He is the love of my life and we have been together since august 15, 2002* thats 2 years and 8 months :)

SN:: x0 kryssie x0 [the 0's are zero's] :)

I like sOmething cOrpOrate, Brand New, Ashlee SimpsOn, Ryan Cabrera, Green Day, Hidden in plain view, hellogoodbye, senses fail, my chemical romance, taking back sunday.. etc..

add me and IM me if you want :)

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hey pplz!!!! [ Monday, April 18th 03:33pm]


Hey you guys!!! My name is Jessica, I'm sixteen, I play flute/picc. in the school Band, I like alternative and rock music, I am into antique cars, I like watching football and soccer, and I am single.... so IM me! My sn's are NaZiChild006 and lilpurplbunnyz6. Oh, and if you are a total religion freak (Christian, Baptist, etc.), you are gonna send "one time at band camp..." jokes, you are a total football or soccer obsessor freak, you are going to lecture me on the NaZi part of my sn, you hate bunnyz, or you want sex, intercourse, anal, blowjobs, erotica, cybersex, xxx, porn, etc., don't bother. The answer will be NO!!!!

PS>>> I don't have any pix, but I will give you the basic description of what I look like, and I will be completely honest. Honestly.


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