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hey pplz!!!!

Hey you guys!!! My name is Jessica, I'm sixteen, I play flute/picc. in the school Band, I like alternative and rock music, I am into antique cars, I like watching football and soccer, and I am single.... so IM me! My sn's are NaZiChild006 and lilpurplbunnyz6. Oh, and if you are a total religion freak (Christian, Baptist, etc.), you are gonna send "one time at band camp..." jokes, you are a total football or soccer obsessor freak, you are going to lecture me on the NaZi part of my sn, you hate bunnyz, or you want sex, intercourse, anal, blowjobs, erotica, cybersex, xxx, porn, etc., don't bother. The answer will be NO!!!!

PS>>> I don't have any pix, but I will give you the basic description of what I look like, and I will be completely honest. Honestly.

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